Why Marketing Idea Lab Inc. Is For Your Career

1. Freedom of speech:

We make sure you have freedom of speech. Your opinion, ideas, tips, feedback, is greatly appreciated while we work together. We believe in teamwork and 2 heads > is always better than one. Just have some limits: no negativity, no crying and everything we do and say is nothing personal its all business and only for the betterment for the group. Over all just be an adult about it.

2. Freedom of mind:

Your sickness, urgent leave, motivational leave (not feeling productive), will be granted if good reason and real reason is given. We understand occasional internet issue, computer issues, electricity issue, hang outs, so be real about the issues and we are absolutely fine to grant a leave which you can cover up later on. If you are really sick and admitted to hospital (if you can show proof) we will pay for your sick time ( no salary deduction ). We guarantee you don’t have to lie to us about anything. If you  just tell the truth (whatever it is) we will appreciate the honesty and accept it with a smile. We are all human and sometimes we just do not like to work.

3. Freedom to earn more:

There is a scope to promote yourself in our company unlike other companies, not only based on salary but also based on working level depending on your ability. Extra work, extra time, creative ideas, innovation, business contribution out of your task, helping other team mates will be honored with bonus and appreciation. And we pay on day 1 of every month (unless its an off day).

4. Freedom to learn more:

If you are interested to learn new stuff, work on different field of our business, we will support you and teach you. If you want to advance your skills and you need help with training material we will pay for your education. If you are bored with same type of work and you want to advance your skills just let us know and we will be glad to work with you for new type of task.

5. Freedom to help friends:

After you are all set, you can recommend your friends or anyone you know who can contribute and keep up the pace with our team. And the recommendation will be highly granted.

6. Freedom of work-shift:

Occasionally If you want to cover up your lost time on non-working hour (9AM-5AM EST) you are absolutely free to do it but make sure you have enough task loaded and you need no attention from team mates.